Comedy At Its Best

Comedy is popular all over the world. There are many different types of comedy. There is stand up comedies, television show comedies, book comedies and movie comedies. Comedy is a form of entertainment that includes humor and jokes. Some famous stand up comedians are Kevin Hart, Dave Chappell and Dane Cook. Some comedy movies are Friday, 40 Year Old Virgin and Blank Man. People all over the world love this type of entertainment.

Most people don’t know that this is a type of literature. Stand up Comics usually perform on stage in front of a group of people. This is my favorite type of entertainment. Going to see these performances can also come with other forms of entertainment like food hosts and great advertisement in between performances. If you like to laugh the I highly recommend comedy as your remedy. The jokes are great and the performances are great.

There are also many television comedies like Friends, King Of Queens and Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne. All of these shoes are funny and great sources of entertainment. You can watch these television shoes on your local TV stations. Some of these channels consist of Upn 20, Fox 5 and BET. Another great source of this type of entertainment is DVD movies. There are movies that you can view online or even at the movie theatre.

Finally you can also find comic books if your into this form of literature. Do some research and I’m sure you wont be disappointed. You can’t go wrong with humor. It’s a great way to express feeling and also to relieve stress!